Founder / CTO

WiTag Inc creates real-world augmented reality (AR) experiences. Our first product is a breakthrough augmented reality (AR) smartphone laser tag game requiring no external hardware. By utilizing the sensors and radios found in modern smartphones, WiTag provides a seamless laser tag experience requiring only you, your phone, and your friends.

    My roles include:
  • Writing augmented reality code for iOS (Swift), Android (Java), and Unity (C#).
  • Designing client-server architectures that handle thousands of users worldwide.
  • Directing a team of 2 engineers and 1 designer.

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Founder / CTO

ORB 3D is a research and development startup. Our current project is focused on superfast, modular 3D printing.

    My roles include:
  • Designing electronic schematics and printed circuit boards.
  • Writing code for Arduino, AVR, and Raspberry Pi.
  • Creating CAD drawings with Autodesk tools.

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STAR Education

Software Development Instructor

STAR Education is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that services more than 500 schools in over 60 school districts, reaching over a million students every year.

    My roles include:
  • Writing K-12 curriculum to teach coding.
  • Teaching software development classes at schools.

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TEDx Talk

In sixth grade, I gave a TEDx talk on the importance of technology (specifically computer science) in education. It has since been watched over 6 million times and translated into 37 languages. It became one of the top 10 viewed TEDx talks of all time.


I have open-sourced many of my software projects. Check them out on GitHub!


Outside of technology and education, you can find me listening to music, playing guitar in a band, or biking up hills with friends.


I love working with teams on challenging and exciting projects! If you're looking for a team member (even temporary), let me know!

Speaking Engagements

I'm happy to share knowledge and experiences at conferences (especially for educational nonprofits). If you have an event coming up, let's chat!